The person who smiles a lot is often the one who endures a lot!

Spreading smiles at the Christian Service Center in West Orange for "A Slice of Hope" annual pizza charity event.

Spreading smiles at the Christian Service Center in West Orange for “A Slice of Hope” annual pizza party charity event.

You never know what a person might be going through in life. That person who snapped at you in class the other day or made that rude remark to you during a meeting at work? Or the driver that cut you off on the road?  Yeh, you have no idea what their story is all about, let alone what’s going on in their world. Everyone has good and bad days, but a lot of times it’s much deeper than that. There’s one thing you do know for sure however. And that is, it has absolutely zero to do with you.

What about that person who’s always in a good mood, always smiling, or always making people laugh with their unique sense of humor you ask? The one who seems like everything is always going perfectly well for them in their life? Oh yeh, that person!  Well guess what? That person has a story too. And you know something? You have absolutely no idea what their story is all about. Because I guarantee you, they too are experiencing challenges in their life. They just choose to deal with it differently.

Every person has a story. Every person has or is fighting a battle of some sort. Some people more intensely than others, sure. But everyone has their own personal challenges and struggles in life. It’s not easier for some. In fact, it’s not easy for anyone! It’s all about perspective. How you choose to look at it. And of course, how you choose to handle it and deal with it.

Just because some choose to handle life’s challenges privately doesn’t mean they’re not going through any more or less struggles than you are.

See, we all deal with challenges, pain, struggles, battles differently. Some of us feel the need to talk about it, to share, to discuss it openly. It helps us to not feel alone. It helps us to feel validated, loved, and appreciated. And it may welcome some great advice to think about and incorporate into our lives. Some of us need that column of support depending on how strong or weak we feel from within. And it’s perfectly okay to reach out to others. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to reach out to those in need and help out in this world. Look closely, I’m sure you’ll find someone in an instant! 😉

And yet some of us prefer not to discuss it, not to entertain it. Because talking about what we may be going through in our lives may actually make us feel worse. Some of us have found our own ways of dealing with our daily struggles more privately. Whether it’s spending time in solitude – alone, through inner reflection, or maybe even with God. There is a way to deal with it and it’s a way that works differently for everyone.

A few days ago, I watched this video a friend of mine posted on Facebook. This inspirational video of a teacher left me in tears. I instantly connected with this man. And I can relate to his story. Not to the extent of what he is personally experiencing, but with different life circumstances. It’s the choice he’s made in his life, to keeping smiling, to help others and to just be happy. And that’s what got me. As well as the lesson behind it which I won’t share here, you just got to watch the video and find out for yourself.

We have a choice with the way we choose to handle our daily challenges in life. We can choose to see the glass half empty, or we can choose to see it half full. Hey, some of us are just happy to even have a glass! 😉 This man, he serves as a remarkable reminder. An inspiration for many.  As Plato’s quote plays over and over in my mind, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Be Love!  God Bless!

About Sunita Sukhraj

I'm a single mom, hair model, mentor, and software quality engineer (surprise!) who has a thirst for arts, writing, Latin dancing, healthy organic vegetarian cooking (especially raw foods and desserts), spirituality, socializing and just enjoying life! I believe in the mind-body-soul connection; fill your mind with positivity, feed your body healthy whole foods, and fulfill your soul's purpose with truth and love. These will create balance in your life which in turn will help to foster humanity. Live life passionately, laugh often and love unconditionally but more importantly, live in unity with love!
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