10 Great Lessons I Learned Last Year

deborah-tindle4As a year comes to an end, it’s always wonderful to reflect on the past 365 days and take pleasure in our personal accomplishments.

I take pleasure in reflecting on life’s lessons.

Life is filled with challenges, trials, tribulations and more.

We are tested daily; we are reminded of our weaknesses and guided to overcome them, and we discover in the process that we are indeed filled with courage.

We can face our fears, we can grow stronger, we can overcome many of these challenges and obstacles we encounter.

We are capable, we can do this!

knowledge-n-action-equal-powerKnowledge is great. And knowledge is powerful. Many of us know what we need to do in order to succeed, or to be a successful person.

But the real challenge lies in putting that knowledge to use, putting that knowledge into action. That requires self discipline and commitment.

We know of the things we need to do in our lives, and we know that there are consequences to every action we take. However, the challenge lies in being disciplined, and having the patience, to put that knowledge into practice.

fearLife entails facing your fears. Discomfort is, after all, the first sign to progress. If you’re feeling resistance or feeling afraid of taking a step towards a certain direction, it’s more of a reason you need to take that step. You will discover, as a result, that the thought of fear leaves you feeling more afraid than the actual experience itself. And you never know what gifts may unveil themselves to you in the process unless you face that fear.

These ten lessons I’m about to share is knowledge I’ve learned and carried with me for years. This past year however, I was challenged to put these into practice.

These reminders have helped me overcome several obstacles and continue to direct my life in a positive direction. I hope you will find these lessons as valuable as I have. Meditate on these and see what surprises they may bring for you this New Year!  🙂

savvy-quote-when-one-door-closes-011. Just let go

If people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime, why are we afraid to let go?

If one door closes so that another may open, why do we hold on so long to the door that’s closed preventing the other to open sooner rather than later?

Every person that crosses our path is here to serve a purpose, and when that time is up well… that time is up. It’s time to let go.

Let go when that time has come, when that purpose has been fulfilled.

Let go of those who no longer serve you or your growth.

Do not force a relationship or friendship into existence. After all, what’s meant to be will be – even if it’s for a reason, even if it’s for a season, and even if it’s for a lifetime, nothing is meant to be forever.

Be grateful you’ve crossed paths with those special ones, that you’ve learned the lessons you’ve needed in order to help foster your growth. Then, let go with love when that time has come. It’s okay to close the door, and it’s okay to part ways in a happy and healthy way. Embrace the opportunity for the new experiences that awaits you.

051584bc9fad3f831e6c16e92ceadf60f45-wm2. Always focus on the positive

If we have time to complain, to focus on the negatives, to entertain drama, then we have energy and time to create something wonderful and positive. Use that energy to focus on the positive. Redirect your time to create something wonderful and make a positive difference in our world.

I can easily recall how many hours, days, weeks, months I would spend dwelling on negative situations and things people would say that hurt me. I can recall the amount of energy and time I spent trying to hold on to relationships that no longer served me, only to leave me feeling more hurt, more pain, and more despair.

There comes a timeI remember when I finally came to the realization, “Wait a minute, if I have time to direct all this energy towards negative and toxic situations in my life, imagine the time I can spend making a positive difference in our world?”

If you feel rejection, remember it’s a blessing in disguise. Rejection is only a redirection to something better for you in your life. M.O.M. was a result of my taking a negative situation and turning it into something positive last year (read that night I quit being a mom).

Always remember there is a valuable lesson in every experience. Redirect that energy and focus on the positive. Focusing on the positive will only create more positive energy and in return, will attract even more positive energy into your life.  It’s a win!

Compliment-Quotes-33. Give someone a compliment

Ever notice how easy it can be to see the negative in any situation, or to criticize someone’s behavior? It’s almost like we’re wired to automatically think negatively and respond negatively because that’s just the reality of life.

Reality is what you create based on your own level of perception (read do you live a realistic life or an imaginary life).

Remember we all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. No human being on this earth is perfect. None. Nope, not even you! 😉 We are all imperfect beings but I assure you, we each carry something beautiful and special within us.

Focus on these gifts. Take time to compliment another person. If you like their outfit, tell them. If they make you feel happy, share that with them. If they have a pretty smile, by all means, let them know! You may leave someone feeling extremely happy just by taking the time to share that compliment.

take-risks-if-you-win-you-will-be-happy-if-you-lose-you-will-be-wise-quote-14. Take that risk

Are you a risk taker? Many of us are not. The safe road is always the easiest road to take because the results are usually guaranteed.

But if an opportunity has fallen in your laps, it’s time to set aside that fear. What if? What if taking that risk yields the most amazing and promising experience for you? What do you really have to lose?

Take that chance, you never know where it may lead you.

present-45. Be present

It’s okay to plan for the future. In fact, it’s great to have a plan for the upcoming years of your life. But be sure you’re taking time to live in the present as well. After all, putting too much time and energy into planning for your future takes away from actually LIVING in the moment or BEING in the present.

pastpresentfutureEven dwelling on the past takes away from living in the present. Tomorrow won’t be here until you’re done with today anyway.

Focus on every moment as though it’s your last. Don’t worry too much about what will happen down the road. In fact, you will arrive at your future destination after you’ve lived your present with determination and passion.

What you do today will drive your future; the choices you make, the people you surround yourselves with, the energy you direct – it all creates your future. Enjoy today, enjoy the moment, enjoy the present and remember that today is all you really have.

b02d8eea029d579cac447b161f4fbd176. The path is crooked (and has circles)

How many of you are used to doing things in order? How many of you think the road to success is a straight one? There’s a great book by Scott Peck called The Road Less Travelled. You should read it. 😉

Many of us are used to events taking place in a specific order in life. I know I was, especially during my 20s.

What if it wasn’t meant to be that way? What if you were meant to step away from the straight path in order to grow, to evolve or fulfill your true purpose?

As long as you feel peace from within, take that road less travelled. It’s okay if it’s crooked. Embrace it but more importantly, enjoy it.

tonygaskins7. Set boundaries for yourself

If you let people take advantage of you, guess what? They will.

There are many who will ignore your boundaries, let alone respect them. Be sure to set healthy boundaries and limits for yourself, and let your loved ones or friends know these are important to you. True friends will understand and respect these. Define your boundaries and make that clear through your words or actions.

140127-18. Let go of anger

We all get angry, and have encountered situations or people that have left us feeling angry.

However, anger gets us no where especially when we don’t deal with it in a healthy way. Anger will always find its way back into our lives. It will be a non-stop repetitive cycle, sometimes even directed towards innocent people who become our victims.

every-saint-has-a-past-and-every-sinner-has-a-future-quote-1Sure, you should definitely allow yourself to feel and express anger but by all means, do it in a healthy way and without hurting those around you. Do it in a way that you can put it behind you with peace and move forward in your journey of life. Journal about it, write about it, see a counselor or if you must, unleash your bitter words in a letter and burn it (read how to burn away your painful past literally).

Always remember there are no perfect human beings. We all “sin”in different ways. We have all done things in our lives that we weren’t proud of. We have hurt others, even our own selves.

Anger serves no one, not yourself and definitely not the other person. Learn to forgive yourself, and to forgive others. Life is to precious.

rumi9. God is everywhere

I personally thought God could only be seen, felt or experienced at a church or at a temple because this is what I was taught for many years. Deep down in my heart, I always knew that God’s existence was everywhere. Every thought, every action, every word, God knew it, God felt it, God hears it.

There is a wonderful book by Neal Donald Walsch called Conversations with God.  This book is not based on any one religion, but requires an open mind.

ndwThis book contains answers to every single question you may have thought or asked throughout your life. It’s based on unity, oneness and discusses how to live a better life and create a better world.

There are more than one way to connect with God.

Take the journey that resonates with you the most and find your connection with Him. Whether it’s through religion or through your own heart, there is always a way.

Every path is unique but you will hear God’s voice through silence and within your own heart. And you’ll know when you do because you’ll discover the true meanings of peace, love and unity. You will feel it, believe it and become it.

48c71b8fd8af7b022575e1bf90c389f310. Love everyone!

Yes, love everyone even those who anger you.

The people who choose to hurt you are unknowingly, and unwillingly, testing your strength.

Think of it this way. Without their need to throw daggers in your direction, fireballs your way, criticisms towards your ears, you would not have this opportunity to discover how strong you can truly be!

685a201c5c3ef724a1284c42da407718You would not have this opportunity to learn how to respond accordingly versus react impulsively.

People who criticize, hurt or anger you are a blessing in disguise because they are here to remind you of the lesson.

Embrace them and love them for who they are. After all, they have sent you a valuable gift and that is – to strive to a be a better person by never treating others the same and to always love yourself!

Create yourself and direct your own life.  This is your story. Your chapters. Your book. So start writing. ❤

About Sunita Sukhraj

I'm a single mom, hair model, mentor, and software quality engineer (surprise!) who has a thirst for arts, writing, Latin dancing, healthy organic vegetarian cooking (especially raw foods and desserts), spirituality, socializing and just enjoying life! I believe in the mind-body-soul connection; fill your mind with positivity, feed your body healthy whole foods, and fulfill your soul's purpose with truth and love. These will create balance in your life which in turn will help to foster humanity. Live life passionately, laugh often and love unconditionally but more importantly, live in unity with love!
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2 Responses to 10 Great Lessons I Learned Last Year

  1. K says:

    Lovely article covers a lot of great life lessons in an easy way to digest and remind 🙂 I especially like the quote “Rejection is only a redirection to something better for you in your life.” I have found many times when I try to move forward or grow in new ways I come across rejection and the hurt associated with can push me back for a bit/take way my motivation, but remembering that it is all part of the guidance helps a lot 🙂
    Wishing you a very happy 2016!

    • Rejection hurts however, if we try to keep in mind that there is always something positive as a result, we will get through it with ease and be able to move on forward – towards the great things that awaits us, the things that are meant to be for us. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful and blessed new year! ❤

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