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A Homemade Deodorant THAT WORKS!

I have been searching and searching and SEARCHING for a natural deodorant in stores that actually works. In fact, I’ve gone through several brands from the health food store only to discover that they don’t quite work as anticipated. Look, … Continue reading

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Would you still LOVE me if I looked like this?

This is a photo of me. Yup. 8th grade student who just moved to Orlando in 1989 from New York City. Pretty hideous right? I wore a dress that was a pass-me-down from one of my aunts. My glasses are ridiculously … Continue reading

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You can totally make your own Peppermint Toothpaste!

I’m all for clean white teeth plus fresh breath but how about in the most natural way possible?  Have you noticed the ingredients listed on a regular tube of toothpaste? Fluoride being one of those major ingredients by the way … Continue reading

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